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SOS Locate

4.2 ( 6912 ratings )
Утилиты Медицина
Разработчик Furia Soft
1.99 USD

Quickly contact someone when you have an emergency situation. With SOS Locate you will be able to save the phone number of a person to quickly contact, just open the app an click the SOS button.

Also, with SOS Locate, if you add an email address, you will be able to send your geographical location, with an approximate address to your location, also a Google Maps link to obtain the navigation instructions to your current position (you must accept location permission for this app when opening the first time)

In the real world exists the possibility to get lost or don’t remember how to go home, if you add your home address in SOS Locate, when you open the app you can select “Go home” button, and the map application will guide you to your home (you must accept location permission for this app when opening the first time)

This application is ideal for all kind of person that wants to quickly connect with a specific contact, be able to be localized if you get lost or get navigation instructions to your home if you don’t remember how to do it.

People with Alzheimers or senile dementia may need assistance or contact someone at some point, but it is very easy not remember the phone number or the person who needs to call, for this reason the SOS emergency button is ideal for them, and if they go out and get lost will be easily located or even guided to his/her home.

Also is ideal for young people who wants to quickly contact with their parents, tourist that don’t know the streets and wants to return to their home or hotel, people who get lost easily and need someone to go for them (location is sent), people that wants to be permanently located, etc.